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“100 Women allowed us to say YES – to anyone that needed our help”

Forever Projects

Our sincere thanks to Mark Dombkins and his team at Forever Projects and their partners Forever Angels, for sharing the important work they are doing in Tanzania to help families keep their babies, move out of poverty and provide health and opportunity for the long term.

100 Women members provided Forever Projects $40,000 in funding last year. To date, 1,288 women and 1,669 babies have benefited from this program.

Not only do they provide emergency food, nutrition, crisis and emotional support to the women and babies, once strong enough, these women are provided support and training to start their own businesses.

Many families flourish through this program to the extent they are now building their own homes and providing food for their families and neighbours for a sustainable future. It’s a truly holistic program.

100 Women are proud to join this story and contribute to the acceleration of their important work. Thank you.

You can view the full one hour webinar below.

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