Why Join
100 Women?

Membership with 100 Women is a very rewarding experience. Not only are you embracing gender-wise philanthropy by giving regularly to our cause, but you can also feel comfortable knowing that 100% of your member fees and donations are allocated annually to grassroots initiatives supporting and empowering women and girls in need.
Anyone can join, there is no limit to the number of members in our giving circle and all membership fees and donations over $2.00 are tax deductible (AUD).

To see what difference you can make with a membership. See our Impact Page

Member Benefits

Your Vote Counts!

Membership comes with another wonderful benefit. When you join, you will be given voting rights to determine who will receive the grant funds each year – 
no matter which membership 
level you choose.

The role of

Philanthropic Giving Circles

Alicia Curtis, Co-Founder of 100 Women describes our type of philanthropy.

"Giving Circles are one of the fastest growing trends in philanthropy across the world. It's an opportunity for everyday people to get involved in philanthropy. It's one of the best ways of being able to give. The trouble is, donating money can actually be quite difficult. What organisations can I give to? Where does my donation actually go? How do I know which charities are making real, sustainable change? Should I be worried about administration fees? It can all be confusing. And that's where collective giving can make a lot of sense. Coming together with like-minded people. Learning from and with each other and leveraging our donations together and being able to see the impact first hand. That's what a giving circle can provide".

Sustainability & Transparency

With almost 60,000 charities in Australia, many people find it hard to know where to start with their giving.

100 Women do the hard work for you by ensuring that your money goes directly to the development of sustainable initiatives that empower women and girls. How do we do this?

The strong governance of 100 Women means donations and the grant making process are carefully and rigorously managed. Grant recipients provide us with detailed reports and 100 Women continue to follow and share the wonderful journey of our charities long after the grant has been awarded.

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$100 per month
$1200 per year


$50 per month
$600 per year


$25 per month
$300 per year

Frequently Asked Questions

Your donation will be pooled with that of the other members and used to make high-impact grants. Since 2021 we have raised almost $1 million. Grant recipients are collectively chosen by members and every member who has paid their donation (minimum $300 per year) will have a vote in the selection process as well as receiving other member benefits. Through 100 Women you can make a meaningful difference through collective giving.

Yes. The total amount you donate is tax-deductible. Your taxable income is reduced by the amount you donate to 100 Women and other charities. You will be emailed a receipt automatically when you donate. Don’t forget to file it safely for tax time.

Ideally members are able to donate $1,200 per year which keeps the cost of raising money for our grants low. However we recognise that people have different financial contexts and that these can change over time. Thus we provide a range of options so that members can choose their level of impact each year. To be a member, the minimum amount is $300. Small one off donations are welcome at any time which will be allocated to our grant funding.

100 Women believe that anyone can be a philanthropist. That’s why we don’t differentiate member benefits based on amount donated.

There are three Membership levels:
$25 per month/$300 a year
$50 per month/$600 a year
$100 per month/$1200 a year or you can pay more if you wish.

Our major member benefit is having the opportunity to vote on which projects you would like to receive funding. ‘One member, one vote’ applies to all membership levels when choosing who will receive the grants. More member benefits are listed on our membership page.

Would you like to commit to your 100 Women membership for 2 years? Then please contact us via email.

We welcome anyone who supports the vision of 100 Women and have a diverse network of philanthropists in our community. We are gender-wise with our funding – not our membership.

The only requirement to become a member is a minimum donation of $300. Of course, we hope you will make your donation in line with your capacity and that you will take the time to make an informed decision when you join us in choosing grant recipients. In addition, you have the option to get involved more deeply by attending our events or by joining a subcommittee as a volunteer which is a very rewarding process. However, it is not a requirement – we are just happy to have you in our community!

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