100 Women was established by a passionate group of talented women, first inspired by the book ‘Half the Sky’ written by Pulitzer Prize-winning team, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

“Sometimes you can feel a bit helpless with all the problems of the world. How can I make a difference? I’m lucky, I have access to education, health services and employment. I am free from violence. Unfortunately, not all girls and women have these opportunities. How do we connect those who have with those who haven’t and bridge the gap?
So we realised, if we could find 100 Women, that would be willing to pay $100 a month, then collectively we would have $120,000 to give away every year.
That’s when 100 Women was born".

We are driven by

Our Purpose

To ignite diversity in philanthropy through the power of collective giving to empower women and girls globally.

We are guided by

Our Values


Membership is belonging. We unite everyday people together, to empower a positive difference for others.


We are smart and strategic. We focus on doing things that make the biggest positive difference.


Every action, every day. We keep community at the core and we are entrusted to do the right thing.


We celebrate being brave! Speaking up, giving a voice to our convictions and carving our own path.


We encourage difference. We give space to people who don’t (traditionally) have a voice, to impact meaningful change. This includes encouraging different voices to have a seat at the table.

about our

Our Structure

The Trustee for the 100 Women Public Ancillary Fund is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) – Item 2 by the Australian Tax Office.

100 Women Ltd is the trustee for the 100 Women Public Ancillary Fund.

A snapshot of

Our History

An Idea was Born

Alicia Curtis and Megan Anderson first started working on the idea of 100 Women after an inspiring chat about how to make the world a better home on a long car ride home together one day.  After a few months, they put a call out to establish the first committee in October 2013.  A dedicated group of volunteers came together to pull together all the elements of the organisation – trust deeds, websites, marketing, membership, grants and more.

Oct, 2013

100 Women was launched

In March 2014, 100 Women was launched with more than one hundred attendees in the room.  Maria Saraceni and Erica Smyth, two well known women’s advocate came onboard as Ambassadors, followed by a short time later by Rabia Siddique.

Mar, 2014

First round of grants distributed

By November 2014, 84 members had joined and 100 Women gave away it’s first $100,000 to three organisations – Opportunity International, Restore Rose and Zonta House Refuge Association.  Kristy Rodwell headed the Grants team, creating our processes and leading a team of 100 Women members through the grant making process and is still with us today.

Nov, 2014

100 Women grew!

Since then, each year, 100 Women has given away roughly $100,000 to three or four community organisations supporting women and girls both locally in Western Australia, right across Australia and also internationally.   We are well known for our annual educational events who have included presentations by Scott Neeson, founder of Cambodian Children’s Fund, Christine Matthews, CEO of the WACA, body image advocate, Taryn Brumfitt, Professor Lyn Beazley just to name a few.

Alicia took the stage

In 2017, Fadzi Whande joined the Ambassadors and Alicia Curtis presented her speech “You can be a philanthropist too!”  in front of a large audience at the Perth Concert Hall, for TEDxPerth.

A screenshot from the TEDxPerth presentation by Alicia Curtis titled 'You Can Be a Philanthropist Too!"

Watch Alicia's TEDx Talk2017

We reached $500,000!

In 2018, 100 Women reached the milestone of $500,000 in collective giving.


Global pandemic? We got this.

In 2021, 100 Women celebrated it’s seventh year of giving with $837,000 being collectively granted over this time and Sophie McNeill joined as an Ambassador.


National Brand Partnership

We announced a national brand partnership with Ostelin, Australia’s leading bone health brand. 

Ostelin will match 100 Women member donations to the value of $90,000 AUD, forming a partnership with our members to offer more grants in 2022.

Our partnership demonstrates the power and impact that can be created when purpose driven organisations collaborate with community organisations like 100 Women.

Jun, 2022

🌟We reached $1 million!🌟

In August 2022, 100 Women reached the milestone of $1 million in collective giving, which will have positively impacted 36,000 women and girls globally.

We're All About

Our Impact

Impact is one of our driving values. Over the past few years we’ve been working on a range of ways to visualise, measure and improve our impact. You can find out more about our impact by visiting Our Impact page where you can view our geographic impact map, find case studies from past grant recipients and other statistics about what we’ve accomplished.


Our People

100 Women is a volunteer led organisation. Our volunteers breath life into our purpose and our commitment to improve the gender disparity that exists today for women and girls.

With thanks to

Our Partners

100 Women would like to sincerely thank our Brand Partners, Corporate Supporters and Community Partners without whom our organisation would not be sustainable.

Brand Partners

Corporate Supporters

Community Partners