100 Women are passionate about creating a world where all women have access to education, health, safety and economic opportunities. As an organisation we pride ourselves on creating a movement of everyday people to commit to contributing what they can to give a little, to add up to a lot.

If you are interested in considering a large donation or bequest to 100 Women, then we would love the opportunity to speak with you further. It’s important to 100 Women to involve you and your family in deciding how your gift is used, and how much you are involved in the process. Or you may choose to allow the 100 Women Trustee Board and Members to put your gift to its very best use. No matter the reason, we value your support of 100 Women.

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Our Promise

It is our vision to ignite everyday philanthropy through the power of collective giving to the empowerment of all women and girls. When people like you entrust us with a gift in your will, we commit to the following:

  • We respect the time needed to make this decision
  • We understand you might change your mind
  • We will honour and respect your privacy
  • We will invest your gift responsibly
  • We will continue to carry out our activities with accountability and transparency
  • We will work with all parties handling your gift with sensitivity and respect
  • We will give you and your loved ones the choice and opportunity to be a part of the process for as long as needed
  • We will thank you and remember you for the enduring support you are giving to so many others.
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