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We are continually amazed at how our 100 Women members are impacting the world.  Today we would like to profile 100 Women member, Annette Perrin. Annette is an Ambassador for the Global Goals, a set of ambitious targets launched by the United Nations last year.  Read more about Annette here:

What first attracted you to 100 Women?

I love the concept of having a voice in how money is granted to recipients, rather than it just going into a bucket for later allocation based on criteria that I don’t see.  This makes the experience much more intimate and powerful, as I feel more connected to the charities and the work they do.  I also love receiving updates from the recipients on how the funding is helping them to deliver the programs we have supported through 100 Women.  Another side benefit is getting a chance to meet and talk with other people on matters I might normally not be exposed to in my other professional and personal circles.

Since joining 100 Women, have you experienced any changes in your perspectives, beliefs or views?

Actually, yes!  I have become much more aware of the challenges facing women and girls at a local, national and international level.  While this has been confronting it has also motivated me to more actively pursue ways of overcoming those challenges and raising awareness.  One way I am doing this is as Ambassador for the Global Goals, with my particular commitment to Global Goal #4 Quality Education and Global Goal #5 Gender Equality.  I feel that these two goals are closely interconnected and areas that I’m both most passionate about and most likely to be able to meaningfully contribute.  For example, in my business I design and deliver a number of programs on governance and strategic planning.  By working with the executives and boards in this respect I am not only contributing to delivering ‘quality education’ but I’m also in a privileged position of raising the profile of the Global Goals because those leaders have the ability to create transformations in their own organisations and communities.  It’s starting and seeing the ripple effect in action!

How exactly do you get the leaders to act in relation to the Global Goals?

One current example is by working with CEOs and Boards to design more considered succession planning processes that provide sustainable, effective leadership to their organisations.  It is estimated that $8b is currently wasted because we fail to adequately plan for and transition our leaders in a way that responds to social, economic, political, environmental and technological transformations.  My clients are approaching their succession planning process as a journey, rather than the creation of a plan, because they are better appreciating their contribution to the effective leadership of their organisations as well as the broader community.  By working with these progressive organisations we are raising accountability beyond the more established notion of Corporate Social Responsibility and towards a more altruistic approach to leadership.  And finally, I have committed to donate 10% of all engagements in relation to this succession planning process to 100 Women, so that instead of wasting $8b in poor processes, we’re redirecting the improvements and investing it in something of great impact.

What would you most like to share with our readers?

For me, 100 Women provides some really meaningful opportunities to more actively engage in local, national and global issues facing women and girls.  So for those readers who most connect with Global Goal #4 then join 100 Women as a way of promoting gender equality!

Does your Board or Executive need a robust, sustainable succession planning process?  Contact Annette Perrin at [email protected] for more details.


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