Video to tackle workplace equality

Charlie Caruso and founder of Steel Heels, Sharon Warburton have joined forces in a mission to create a video series that tackles equality in the workplace. Both Sharon and Charlie are deeply committed to creating videos that offer actionable solutions instead of simply “starting more conversations”. Their first video, which they have raised crowdfunding funds for, focuses on the discrimination and bias women encounter in a job interview scenario.

Too many women are asked about future pregnancies or “how they manage” with having kids, and Sharon and Charlie aim to create a video that makes employers re-think the questions they ask women in an interview scenario.

Charlie and Sharon have asked for the support of 100 women for this first video which theme is #askbetterquestions and the purpose of the video is to simply state – “If you wouldn’t ask a man, or you wouldn’t ask your gran – then #askbetterquestions

If members of 100 Women are willing to contribute a small amount of time (perhaps 10-20 minutes) on the following dates to read a simple script, both Charlie and Sharon would be grateful.

The script will be simple and sent to volunteers before hand. Identities can be masked or volunteers who are happy to have their faces shown have that option too.

The possible filming dates are;

Sunday 23rd August 11-2pm
Tuesday 25th 10am – 1pm
Wednesday 26th 12-4pm

The filming location will be at 295 Lord Street Perth at Lush Digital.

Please contact Charlie for more information or if you’re interested in participating.

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