Kristy Rodwell – Chair, Grants Subcommittee

100 Women is a 100% volunteer run organisation and our advisory board members play an integral role by providing strategic direction and leadership. Kristy Rodwell is an inaugural board member and is the chair of the grants subcommittee who has worked and continues to work tirelessly to develop 100 Women and the grant making process.


Get to know Kristy

Kristy Rodwell is a Senior Grants Development Officer at Lotterywest. She has worked across many industries in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. She has a Bachelor of Business Manager, a Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance and Investment and a Masters in Social Investment and Philanthropy.


In 100 Women’s first year of operations and granting, Kristy also had her first child. During this time, she remained on the board and subcommittee and continued to support the grant making process with the support of the Board, technology and her family. She would teleconference into board meetings and support face to face events.


100 Women’s Establishment

Kristy has supported in the development of the 100 Women Public Ancillary Fund to ignite women philanthropists in Western Australia through collective giving. She has developed the entire grant making processes and tools for the giving circle which has included grant guidelines, assessment criteria expression of interest and full grant application forms, due diligence checks and acquittal forms.


She has coached the subcommittee through two grant rounds where approximately $200,000 has been awarded in grants and currently directing the third grant round now.


Not only has Kristy played an integral role in the grants development but also contributed significantly to the establishment of the organisation including the set up of the Trust Deed, strategic and operational processes


Granting Process

Kristy has discussed guidelines and assessment criteria with a wide range of grant applicants and provided feedback to unsuccessful organisations. These customer conversations have routinely been acknowledged as valuable and insightful.


Across two grant rounds Kristy has reviewed over 75 expressions of interest and 23 full grant applications, coached the individual assessment of these proposals, facilitated workshop assessments and made all grant recommendations to the 100 Women Advisory Board.


This process has led to $200,000 being granted through 100 Women in the past two years. It has also led to much in kind support to Western Australian organisations.


As we get closer to our Grants Celebration 2017 where we announce our 2016 Grant Recipients, you can appreciate the amount of time and effort that Kristy and members of the Grants Subcommittee have contributed.


“I am a passionate social investor. Investing in women and girls is proven as the smart thing to do to contribute effectively to sustained economic growth and development. What excites me about 100 Women is the passion and thoughtfulness that is shared in a collective grant making process, with powerful outcomes that could not be achieved as individuals. 100 Women provides education, friendship and inspiring experiences, all in the pursuit of making a positive change in the lives of women and girls both here and abroad.” – Kristy Rodwell


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