June Member Spotlight – Sue van Leeuwin

Sue van Leeuwin

Member Since: 2014

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a proud Mum, Granny, Wife, family member and friend living on Noongar land. I retired a year and a half ago from a career in leadership, consulting and academia. I love caring for my family and hiking, photography, writing and travelling.

Why 100 Women?

I joined 100 women in 2014 because I was inspired by Alicia’s vision. She is very persuasive!
I was drawn to the collective giving model and the diversity of the grants and the grant making process. I was mostly compelled by the opportunity to make an additional difference to empowering women and girls. I have always been passionate about empowerment being a way of addressing inequity for women and girls and 100 women gives me the opportunity to do this collectively, with other like minded women.

Other reasons I continue my 100 Women membership every year include that:
* It provides the easiest way of being an everyday philanthropist,
* 100% of our money goes to grants (there is no heavy duty skimming for administration)
* 100 women has great governance. The Board and subcommittees are talented and generous and understand governance. Our money is in safe hands,

* I love that everyone is involved in the decision making for grants,
* our money goes to empowering women and girls both locally and globally.

Is there a grant recipient that really resonates with you?

I am passionate about them all. They are all diverse and assist women and girls in a variety of ways.

What does it mean to you to be a philanthropist?

I believe that philanthropy is not reserved for the very wealthy, but rather that people like
you and me who can have a big impact in the world.

Tell us about a women that has inspired you and why?

I am inspired by SO many women, both famous and not so famous. I am particularly inspired by the women in my family, generations of courageous and loving women who make the world a better place every day. My sister is the most brave, resilient and funny woman who
inspires me and others.

Name one thing that you believe we should have accessible in this world to improve the lives of women and girls?

Universal access to health and education.

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