100 Women hosted a Hackathon for members and supporters on a rainy night on 9 June, to help us reach our crazy goal of 100 members by the end of the financial year.

After consuming some delicious food and mingling with the committee we broke out into groups and hacked away! 100 Women Chair Alicia Curtis inspired us with some insightful questions to get the hacking started from the book “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell:

  1. Who are the connectors and how do we connect with them?
  2. Who are the mavens who will help us spread our message?
  3. Who do we get our message to “stick”?

The room was abuzz with energy and excitement. The groups produced reams of paper full of “hacking” great ideas. Check out the hacks that were actioned on the night by 100 Women members (not the committee!):

  1. Get the key messages onto the 100 Women website
  2. Action our social media strategy
  3. Contact CEO’s of not for profit organisations
  4. Send out a media release to Perth Now

Our members’ commitment and action to the cause was inspirational. Thank you to everyone who attended!

If you couldn’t make it along, what’s your personal action to help 100 Women get to 100 members by 30 June? Some suggestions to help you along are:

  1. Promote 100 Women on social media – on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  2. Promote 100 Women in your company newsletter
  3. Send letters to your friends and colleagues encouraging them to join 100 Women

Please see our Media and Resources page for more details.

We would also like to thank Ellie Del Cashin for her entertainment on the night. Find out more about Ellie here.

Together we can get to 100 members -so get hacking!!

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