Benefits of Donating

When you make a donation to a charity or not for profit like 100 Women, what are you really doing?

Yes, you’re helping to helping to combat poverty and promote hygiene in Cambodia, where poverty is rampant and hygiene is decades behind those of more fortunate countries.

But could there be benefits of donating beyond helping the people your donation reaches?

You might be surprised to learn that when you donate, you’re doing more than just helping those in need. The benefits of donating are numerous – you’re benefitting yourself psychologically, you’re making a positive change in the world, and you’re having an impact on your family, friends, and even children.


Benefits of Donating #1: You improve your mental health.

Can you believe it? Just by donating, you’re stimulating the pleasure receptors in your brain.

By contributing to the well-being of others, you’re actively releasing endorphins. In short, by giving just a few dollars to charity you’re boosting your mood, which will have positive and far-reaching effects all across your life.


Benefits of Donating #2: You create an impact.

It is difficult to understate the amount of meaning that can be brought to your life by donating.

You’ve seen people living in impoverished countries ravaged by disease. You surely have at least a slight idea of what poverty looks like. Now imagine if you could change that? Are you going to cure the world’s hygienic problems in one fell swoop? Probably not. But, you have the capacity to make the world one percent better.

You can make life slightly better for one person.

And while it may seem like a small amount to you, how do you think it looks to someone who has absolutely nothing? To that person, even a few dollars is a small fortune. You can quite literally change a life with a small donation. And once you truly realize what you’re doing, and embrace it? Your life suddenly takes on an extraordinary level of meaning.

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Benefits of Donating #3: You create a ripple.

Isn’t it nice nowadays when someone says something good is contagious? That’s right, the act of giving can compel others to give of themselves as well.

Let’s say, for example, that you donate $50 to 100 Women. Now, $50 seems like a small amount, right?

(It’s not. Every little bit helps. That being said…) Now let’s say that your friend says “wow, you seem happier than usual today. What’s the occasion?”

Your response? Well, you already know the reason. You’ve just made a donation and you’re releasing endorphins, so you’re feeling A-OK. You mention how great you feel about finally taking a step towards helping someone else and this inspires your friend to do the same!

Your $50 has now turned into $100.

Now let’s say your friend mentions it to her parents at dinner.

$100 becomes $200.

$200 becomes $400.

The process snowballs.

Generosity is contagious.


Benefits of Donating #4: It’s good for business

If you donate to a registered charity, you can write off any donated funds on your tax return. Paying a little less tax for a really good cause is always a great feeling.


Benefits of donating: Numerous.

These are only four of the benefits. The fact of the matter is, using your time and money to help someone lesser fortunate than yourself is always a win-win situation. ALWAYS.

Let’s close with a pearl of wisdom from Oprah. Remember what that money really is: “It’s a bagful of flour. It’s soup or a blanket or a bottle of medicine. That handful of quarters is a handful of rice.”

Give, and everyone wins!

If you’re thinking of joining 100 Women or renewing your membership – now is a great time to get your donations in with our Membership Bonus!

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