All your questions about 100 Women answered!

So you have heard about 100 Women but want some more details? Then the following is intended to answer the common questions the Advisory Board gets asked on a regular basis. If your question is not answered below, please email us on [email protected] or join us at our next networking event on 12 October where you can meet some of the board and our members. Details here.

What is 100 Women?

100 Women is a giving circle where members donate to a collective grant fund that is then awarded directly to projects that support women and girls both locally and abroad.

Who started it?

100 Women was founded by Alicia Curtis and Megan Anderson. It came about after Alicia read the book, Half the Sky that reveals dozens of tales of impoverished women across the globe. Yet also paints a picture of hope, by showing how much women could achieve if only they could access a small leg up to get them started.

Why does 100 Women only give grants to women and girls?

100 Women was founded on the mission to enable everyday people to be involved in creating a world where all women and girls can live safely with access to health, education and economic freedom. Investment in women and girls is backed by sound evidence.

Where is 100 Women based?

100 Women is a Perth based organisation but has members located across Australia and indeed around the world.

What is the required donation amount?

Ideally members are able to donate $1,200 per year ($100 per month). However we recognise that people have different financial contexts and that these can change over time. Thus we provide a range of options so that members can choose their level of impact each year. To be a member, the minimum amount is $300.

Is my donation to 100 Women tax-deductible?

Yes. The total amount you donate is tax-deductible. You will be emailed a receipt automatically when you donate.

What does it mean to be a member?

Your donation will be pooled with that of the other members and used to make high-impact grants. Since 2014 we have raised almost $300,000. Grant recipients are collectively chosen by members and every member who has paid their donation (minimum $300 per year) will have a vote in the selection process.

My company matches funds for charitable donations or has a workplace giving program. Can I give $600 and have my company match it to make my total $1,200 donation?

This may be possible. Please send us an email to discuss in more detail.

Can I pay my $1,200 over time?

Yes, you can choose to make monthly payments of $100 or pay the $1,200 in one payment. Monthly payments are available for all our impact levels.

Can men join 100 Women as a member?

Of course! We welcome anyone who supports the vision of 100 Women. Some of our members have had their donations gifted by husbands and fathers.

What if there are more than 100 members?

We have more than 100 members! This enables us to have a sustainable source of funding.

How is it possible that 100% of my contribution goes to the grant recipients?

The majority of our operating expenses, including website design and hosting and promotion materials are provided through the generosity of our sponsors, supporters and some of our members. We rely on the generous time and effort of volunteers and utilise gifts, sponsorships and in-kind donations from individuals and local businesses.


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