5 Tips to becoming more efficient

Are you one of those people who frantically searches your home or office for keys, phone, purse before racing out the door?
Do you have an inbox full of emails you never get to…or are there other chores and errands that get pushed to the end of the list and then the list overwhelms you?

Here are some of our tips from Heather and Sara from Finer Details on how to reduce the frazzle and tick a few more boxes

1. Have a drop zone – one place you put everything you need to take with you when you leave your home/office. If it is not feasible to have something like your phone charger or some other item in this area that you want to remember to take with you – put your car keys next to the object as your keys are one thing you are sure to remember.

2. Emails – set rules to move newsletters or other emails you want to action at a later date that aren’t time sensitive. Unsubscribe to emails that no longer interest you. When you open your emails – Ensure you action, delete or delegate immediately to keep your inbox at a manageable size.

3. Gifts – have a few blank cards on hand to suit any occasion and instead of racing around trying to find the perfect, gift book a date to take your friend/relative for a meal or an outing that way you get to catch up and celebrate their occasion all at once.

4. Frogs – most of us have heard of the book or terminology of “Eat the frog first”. It actually works. The days that just go awry happen to us all so if you start your day with the big task you really wanted to get done then it won’t seem so bad, at least you have one big job ticked off your list.

5. Plan – Look at your week, what can you outsource. For example, buy your food shopping online. The cost of delivery is truly worth the freedom of not having the parking and the hassle. Delivery times can be scheduled for your convenience. Wash and chop your vegetables up before putting them away saving you time when you cook or want to grab something quickly to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Book a cleaner, if your budget doesn’t stretch to every week, book a once a month clean to keep on top of those big time consuming things.


Your time is valuable so minutes saved here and there soon add up to a chunk of time you can use to relax, exercise or whatever takes your fancy. The main thing to remember is to stress less about the things out of your control and to take time out to recharge, even if it’s just a 15-minute walk, you will be surprised at how much of a difference that can make.

Finer Details Concierge and Organising Services has been helping busy people since 2007.

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