100 Women 2017 Grants EOI Update

Jacqui Alder from our 2017 Grants Subcommittee, has an update on our 2017 Grants Process.


This year 100 Women received 66 Expressions of Interests(EOIs) for the grants of up to $30,000, an increase from 2016 when we received 58 EOIs.


The members of the 2017 Grants Subcommittee, which comprises 10 financial members of 100 Women, met on Sunday 23rd July to decide which of these would progress to Stage 2 of the process.


During the afternoon, subcommittee members worked in pairs to compare and contrast their individual scores for allocated EOIs. Kristy Rodwell, subcommittee chair, then facilitated the group in a robust discussion to determine the shortlist of applications for progression to Stage 2, approximately 20% of the EOIs received.


The shortlisted organisations have now been requested to provide a detailed application. The Grants Subcommittee with then be tasked with conducting a comprehensive vetting and assessment process, before determining which final applications are presented to 100 Women members for voting later this year.


The successful grant recipients will then be announced at this year’s Grants Gala Celebration, which is being held on Wednesday 22 November.


This year was my first year both as a 100 Women member, and a Grants Subcommittee member. I was thankful for and impressed by the knowledge and experience of the other subcommittee members. I was also inspired to be part of the fearless discussion which was aimed at ensuring applications which progressed both aligned with the guiding purpose of 100 Women, and had potential to be an impactful use of members funds. It was a difficult task as most applications had the potential to truly help women in need.


One of my motivations for serving on the Grants Subcommittee was to learn more about the work being done by organisations who assist women in need. I had my eyes opened, not just to the work being done, but also to the breadth and depth of challenges women face. It’s given me a stronger sense of the positive impact we can make through our donations, and by having a robust process to ensure they are spent purposefully and prudently.


Would you like to add your donation to the grant funding pool for this year and become a catalyst for positive change in the lives of many women and girls? Find out how by visiting our membership page.


Jacqui Alder

2017 Grants Subcommittee


2017 Grants Subcommittee Members

Kristy Rodwell (Chair), Bianca Patterson, Christine Hardwick, Helen Axton, Jacqui Alder, Katie Voss Natalie Lockwood, Pam Cresswell, Sally Brauer, Yanti S

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