Shooting Stars Glass Jar

Shooting Stars Glass Jar

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In 2020 Glass Jar Australia (Shooting Stars) received their second 100 Women grant of $19,935 to help fund their Seven Sisters Program that runs in regional locations across Western Australia.  The program provides Aboriginal girls and women with opportunities to develop positive social and emotional wellbeing skills and preventative mental health strategies, which can enable them to respond and adapt to life challenges. The 100 Women grant was used to fund a casually employed program coordinator and travel and accommodation to regional sites. 


  • 235 Aboriginal girls participated in the Seven Sisters program across ten Shooting Stars sites during the funding period
  • 124 Surveys conducted, one at the start and conclusion of each program at ten sites
  • Helping others regulate their emotions was found to be a notable outcome from the program as the participants were able to implement these strategies on their friends and other team members not only during the period of the program but also at the community netball matches held at the respective sites. They were able to help others calm down, help friends and staff who seemed to be upset and keep others motivated by integrated learned strategies during on and off court situations through the event. In turn the girls are developing and building healthy relationships.

Seven Sisters project in action