Wilson Casado

Wilson Casado


Wilson is the Co-Founder of business and technology consulting firm Visagio in Australia and Chair of Perth Angels amongst numerous other roles. His career has afforded him the opportunity to have worked in Brazil, America, and Australia. These opportunities came with challenges, accelerated growth and an ever-expanding appreciation for the benefits of diversity.

Casado admits he is forever looking for opportunities where most aren’t even looking. He firmly believes that education, innovation and diversity are key to our future success.

“From a young age, I was motivated and encouraged by my mother and grandmother and now as an adult, I recognise the sacrifices they made as women to support our family. This is where my passion for diversity was born – I believe we need everyone at the table for a future we can all get excited about. I have seen first-hand the impact of grassroot initiatives led by women and the impact of that in the community around us, this is why I am joining 100 Women”.

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