Women’s Philanthropy

100 Women presented a workshop on women’s philanthropy to the Chevron Women’s Network on 26 June and enjoyed meeting the Network’s members. We discussed the following topics:

  • What is philanthropy?
  • Who benefits from philanthropy?
  • Why do people give?
  • What are the benefits of giving?

If you are connected to a women’s network where 100 Women could present our workshop on philanthropy, book us in today by emailing [email protected]!

Philanthropy is the planned and structured giving of time, information, goods and services, influence and voice as well as money to improve the wellbeing of humanity and the community.

Many women don’t think of themselves as philanthropists. When we think of philanthropists, we tend to think of rich older white men – Warren Buffet, Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, Bill Gates etc.

However women have a long history of being involved with philanthropy through donating their time and their talent. Whilst the relationship between women and philanthropy has always been a strong one in terms of time, care, and passion, at 100 Women we encourage our members to move to the next level – financial clout. At 100 Women we believe women can be powerful philanthropists by putting their wealth to work to fuel positive change in their own community and in communities around the world.

100 Women members are all powerful philanthropists.

The image used is of Barrow Island, where Chevron has been operating for 50 years.

If you’re interested in running a similar event at your workplace or community group more information is available HERE or contact us via email to speak to a committee member.



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