Meet our New Advisory Board Members!

100 Women is pleased to welcome five new highly skilled and qualified members to our Advisory Board.


Carol Yiannopoulos

“The collective giving principle of 100 Women really appeals, especially now that I have seen the proceeds producing positive outcomes for women and young girls far less fortunate than me. 100 Women empowers me to give valuable time to social investing for impact, and I thoroughly enjoy meeting like-minded people and getting involved as much or as little as I want – which is a lot because it is a fabulous organisation.”


Shireen DuPreez

‘Through 100 Women I contribute to improving the lives of disadvantaged women. The well organised and rigorous grant giving process run by 100 Women gives me reassurance that my vote and donation will make a meaningful positive impact. When you get involved with 100 Women you’ll find a friendly group of philanthropists who are determined to make a difference!”


Megan Del Borrello

“I strongly believe in the mission of 100 Women and am privileged to be able to offer my professional experience to help this wonderful organisation. 100 Women allows everyone to be a philanthropist and contribute to the greater good.”


Vivienne Powe

“Being a member of 100 Women provides a unique opportunity to combine resources with a wonderful group of passionate change makers, who are committed to creating opportunities for women and girls to live safe and fulfilling lives. I am honored to be able to contribute my skills and experience to further a cause that I strongly support.”


Annette Perrin

“100 Women provides some really meaningful opportunities to more actively engage in local, national and global issues facing women and girls. I love the concept of having a voice in how money is granted to recipients, rather than it just going into a bucket for later allocation based on criteria that I don’t see”

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