Introducing Fadzi Whande – Our Newest Ambassador

100 Women is delighted to announce the appointment of our newest Ambassador – Fadzi Whande.

Fadzi Whande is a dynamic and engaging award winning international speaker, author, social justice advocate and champion for encouraging dialogue as a means of understanding difference. A skilled facilitator in the areas of unconscious bias, gender inequality and racial socialisation and identity, her work primarily focuses on addressing systemic and institutionalised barriers held towards historically undermined groups.

Over the course of her career she has been the recipient of various awards and accolades including the 2016 International Racial Equity Leadership Award in Austin, Texas; 2016 finalist for the Australian Human Rights, ‘Racism it Stops With Me’ Award; 2015 Australian National Committee for UN Women’s member delegate to the Commission on the Status of Women in New York; 2014 National Community Ambassador Award from the Celebration of African Australians; and 2013 appointed a People of Australia Ambassador by the Federal Government.

Fadzi is the Human Rights Chairperson for the United Nations Association of Western Australia and was recently appointed an Ambassador for Water for Africa and the Humanitarian Group. She currently serves on the National White Ribbon Diversity Reference Group and Western Australian Police Multicultural Women’s Advisory Group.
Fadzi received her Graduate Certificate in Social Impact and Executive Master in Business Administration from the University of Western Australia.


Why Fadzi supports 100 Women
Women seem to face more of the burden when met with life challenges and barriers. I believe that 100 Women plays a significant role in empowering women across the globe by promoting capacity building and support through a variety of initiatives. I believe there is no such thing as a bad investment when it comes to women for investing in them is investing in our future. I love what 100 Women stands for because it not only creates platforms, opportunities and resources for the empowerment of women but more importantly it unites us as part of a global movement of change makers.


Why is Philanthropy so Important
Philanthropy is important because it is the vehicle that sets ideas, programs and innovation in motion. It allows diverse groups of people, who would most likely never have the opportunity of meeting or interacting, to partner and collaborate together. Without philanthropy we would have limited access to education, technological advancement, medicine, research and some of our most basic human rights.

I believe that in one way or another each person has benefited in some form from philanthropic giving whether it’s the hospital we were born in, the school/University we attended or the gadgets we play with and own all of these things have benefited from philanthropic giving and it is the oil that keeps the human engine running. It is huge part of humanity and has been in existence for centuries.


Views about the state of Philanthropy in Australia
I believe with organizations like 100 women and other giving circles philanthropy in Australia is no longer only limited to High Net worth (HNW) individuals but has become more appealing to everyday Australians.

As Social Impact Investing is becoming more widespread, people will start aligning their purpose and passion and fundamentally I believe the opportunity to giveback is a rewarding one to all who commit to it. Although the number of individual giving seems to have decreased the amount that is being given has increased. I believe that the landscape is changing and my hope is that Philanthropy in Australia will become a huge part of Australian life and encouraged from an early age.

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