2019 Annual Review


2019 was an incredible turning point for 100 Women!  We grew in so many ways.


Our membership grew and we had our best year yet with a record breaking 233 members!  What an achievement.  Thank you to all our 100 Women Ambassadors, volunteers and members who spread the word, encourage their friends and help grow this organisation every year.

This membership grew our grants fund and allowed us to grant four projects.  Our grant-making team led by Kristy Rodwell and Michelle Emmett assessed a whopping 99 grant applications (our biggest by far) and our members voted for these extraordinary projects:

Love Mercy was granted $28,250 towards their Village Savings and Loans Groups project in Northern Uganda. The funds will be used towards the purchasing of gardening tools, workshop materials, savings boxes, new Village Savings and Loans trainers, and a new mentoring and evaluation officer. To find out more about Love Mercy, visit: https://www.lovemercyfoundation.org

Yiyili Community Indigenous Corporation was awarded $29,835 towards their Creative Workshop Program for Gooniyandi Women and Girls. Located in Yiyili Community, Halls Creek Shire in Western Australia, the 100 Women grant will be used to support casual wages for a Program Officer (new role, 12 hours per week for two local women), arts specialists to travel and deliver training locally, art equipment and materials, bush trips and exhibition costs. To find out more about the history of the Yiyili community and Laarri Gallery, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSDLTgHHD2M

Pollinate Energy was granted $30,000 to empower women to lead their communities out of poverty through the scaling of their proven and successful empowerment model. 100 Women funds will be used to support the recruitment, training and mentoring of 50 Nepali women to run their own micro-sales business. To find out more about Pollinate Energy, visit: https://pollinategroup.org/

Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Services was awarded $30,000 to be used towards video production, translation services, workshop resources and a Health Promotion Officer to support in-person workshops and online tutorials on respectful relationships, sexual health, mental health, physical health and wellbeing specifically for culturally and linguistically diverse young women and girls.  To find out more about Ishar, visit:  https://www.ishar.org.au/


Our volunteer event coordinator Mel truly outdid herself with such a memorable Gala night with 350 people at Optus Stadium, hosted by our Ambassador, Fadzi Whande and entertained by the Optus Stadium light show and the effervescent, Ezereve (inaugural member of 100 Women).  It was an opportunity for members to showcase the power of giving to their friends, family and networks.  This capped off an inspiring calendar of events during 2019 with speakers including Dr Nikki Stamp, author of Pretty Unhealthy, Erica Smyth to name a few.


2019 was all about building an organisation that will help us continue to grow.  This was achieved by expanding our organisational framework to welcome a new Board with Maria Saraceni as the Chair, Wayne Peel as Vice Chair, Alex Willcocks as Treasurer, Bianca Starcevich as Secretary, Sarah Bagshaw overseeing marketing and Tori Anderson in membership.  Thank you also to Sarah Greenough, Lorraine Gregoridias and Adrian Gurgone for serving on the board in 2019.

Sue Pember helped us in 2020 in the role of Executive Officer to solidify our membership, grow our volunteer teams and look to the future with gusto!  Sue’s energy and enthusiasm for the cause has held us in very good stead for 2020.  Thank you Sue for the 110% you gave to this role and your continuing support of the organisation!

Our committees are the engine room of 100 Women.  These committed and highly talented volunteers are leading the way in shaping and growing our organisation with professionalism, integrity and values.  It’s not an easy task to gather so many volunteers working on different parts of the organisation (often while juggling kids, parents, full time work, study etc) and yet our volunteers are taking on the challenge with connection to the 100 Women purpose as the heart of everything we do!

We are growing our five committees including Operations and Finance, Membership, Marketing, Grant-making and Business Development.   If you are keen to volunteer 8 – 10 hours a month to our wonderful cause, register your interest here.

Collaboration and partnerships grow our capacity to achieve the goals of our organisation.  This year, we were supported by a number of new corporate partners including Women’s and Breast Imaging and Beyond Bank.  Thank you so much for your support.


We have big goals – are you ready to help?  With 233 members in 2019, we believe there is an appetite to grow everyday philanthropists in Perth and right across Australia.  Imagine the grants we would give with 500 members!  Let’s do it!

Our organisational goals for 2020 include:

  • increasing our membership and offering the best membership experience in the country
  • sharing our work through brand awareness and events – let’s spread the word!
  • solidifying our own organisation’s financial sustainability through events and partnerships
  • enhancing our systems and processes to help us scale our work nationally
  • collaborating with our grant recipient family and corporate partners to create value and impact for all

You just can’t beat the buzz that you feel our every single one of our events.  Our members are passionately connected to the cause of empowering women and girls both locally and globally.   The diversity of people we have brought together as the 100 Women community is truly unique and when we collective share our talents, networks, dollars and influence – together we can truly make a life changing impact!

On behalf of 100 Women, the Board and Committees, we wish you and your families a wonderful 2020.  Here’s to 2020 being a bigger and brighter year for 100 Women!

Alicia Curtis
100 Women Co-Founder

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