100 Women Members Dinners: Meet Gerry Day-Perkins

I have been a part of many groups and clubs in my life but nothing resonated as much joy as last week’s 100 Women member only dinner!

The fact is that it does not matter what you do, whether or not you have children, what car you drive…. What does matter is that we are pulled together for a common goal – to make a difference, to create change and the bonus with 100 Women is that we have a say in how this happens.

The membership dinner was a lovely opportunity to meet other members in an intimate environment while enjoying fine dining at its best.  We were lucky enough to dine at St Michel 6003 in Highgate. We enjoyed a three course meal served with a fabulous selection of wine and bubbles.

Food presentations, flavour combinations and a lovely waiter with a strong French accent added to the warm atmosphere of the restaurant.  I couldn’t think of a better way to meet other members whilst enjoying a fabulous meal and sharing our stories of how we came to be members of 100 Women.

Joining 100 Women has certainly come at a time in my life where I have been trying to feel my way forward into shaping a more fulfilling life and at the same time belong to a group of like-minded women.

I look forward to the adventure of exploring deeper meaning to the phrase of ‘Paying It Forward’ where we can come together in an environment and not pay back but pay it forward by helping other women by making a difference in their lives.

Gerry Day Perkins is a valued 100 Women mini circle member, and Founder-Director of Décor & Lifestyle Consulting business Glamoreux.

100 Women - Blog Picture - Gerry - Members dinners - Oct 2015

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