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FRODSHAM SophieI joined 100 Women as Treasurer in late 2013. I was so inspired by the idea of women coming together as a community to empower girls and women in need. Working with 100 Women to get the project off the ground and then helping to organize events was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I moved to San Francisco in October last year and whilst I gave up my role as Treasurer, I remain a committed 100 Women member.

As soon as I arrived in San Francisco, I looked for a giving circle of women that I could get involved with. I spent hours searching on the internet and speaking to and meeting with a number of people from different organizations. I found a couple of small groups and some very large ones, and whilst I donate money to a number of charities here in SF, I haven’t found the same sense of community and purpose that I experienced with 100 Women. Every 100 Women event that I attended brought me in contact with the most incredible women who are committed to changing the world every day in whatever way they can.

At EY in San Francisco, I threw myself into active involvement in our women’s networks. We have decent sized budgets and active steering committees so we hold lots of great events for our women and our clients throughout the year. Through these networks, I had the opportunity to meet so many fantastic women across EY – which was crucial for me in my first few months of arriving in a new city. I don’t know what I would have done without the support and encouragement of these women! I’ve also built strong relationships with my clients through the many women’s networks that exist in San Francisco. None of this ever feels like work to me – I love connecting with women and hearing their stories. EY’s culture places a strong value on gender and racial diversity and I was recently recognized by EY with a national award for my efforts in driving Diversity & Inclusiveness within the firm.

I do miss the sense of belonging I had with 100 Women and the feeling that I was making a difference. That’s why I’ve started a blog and am organizing networking events for women here in San Francisco – to create a community that supports, encourages and inspires women to succeed. Maybe one day I will start a 100 Women San Francisco chapter…

If people are interested, they can subscribe to my email list here: http://sophiefrodshamemail.instapage.com

Sophie Frodsman, Former Advisory Committee Member and current 100 Women member.

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