Global Development Group Cambodian Children’s Fund

Global Development Group Cambodian Children’s Fund

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In 2015, Global Development Group received a grant of $40,000 on behalf of their international partners: Cambodian Children’s Fund.

Cambodian Children’s Fund trains Cambodian female police officers in the Child Protection Unit.

Criminal proceedings in Cambodia against suspected child rapists, paedophiles and those that injure children often collapse due to poor investigations, inappropriate or unenforced laws, lack of education, and corruption within the criminal and judicial systems.

The Child Protection Unit developed a Specialist Child Interviewers Training Course to train female police officers.

Female police officers received specialist training for interviewing child victims of serious crimes, assisting in the expedient arrest of offenders.

Each learned how to obtain important facts and evidence from interviews, and importantly reduce the number of times children must recount crimes to local authorities.


• 100 Women funds enabled 46 Female Police Officers to complete a specialist interview course. These female officers now carry out professionally conducted interviews that elicit important facts and evidence, to assist in the expedient arrest of an offender, and most importantly — are minimally invasive and reduce the amount of times a child has to recount the crimes to authorities.
• They are becoming the national experts delivering future trainings to both male and female police officers, another first in Cambodia..