Telethon Kids Institute receive $39,450 towards the Remote Aboriginal Women Community Researcher prTelethon Kids Institute logooject.

The project will train 10 Aboriginal women from remote communities across the Fitzroy Valley to become community researchers, exploring long-term intervention for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Each woman will be supported to complete a Certificate II in Community Health Research and will have access to valuable work experience for future careers in research.

Global Development Group receive two grants of $40,000 and $20,500 on behalf of their international partners: Cambodian Children’s Fund and Classroom of Hope..

Cambodian Childrens Fund trains Cambodian female police officers in the Child Protection Unit.

24 female police officers will receive specialist training for interviewing child victims of serious crimes, assisting in the expedient arrest of offenders.

Each will learn how to obtain important facts and evidence from interviews, and importantly reduce the number of times children must recount crimes to local authorities.

classroom of hopeClassroom of Hope will support young women from rural Cambodia to participate in science and maths studies.

With local partner Kampuchean Action for Primary Education, this project empowers 10 young vulnerable women to undertake Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) studies in 2-year tertiary-vocational degrees.

Personal development training and career counseling will also be provided to ensure high employment rates upon graduation.

100 Women members take pride in being catalyst for positive change in the lives of women and girls everywhere.

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