100 Women is engaging the support of prominent individuals from the arenas of philanthropy, business, politics, academia, literature and sports to raise the awareness of the vision, purpose, values and priorities of 100 Women.  These women with a strong public profile are a catalyst to encourage philanthropy in other women.

Our current 100 Women ambassadors include:
Maria SaraceniMaria Saraceni

Maria is a barrister practicing at Francis Burt Chambers.

“Holding out a hand for guidance and support is a direct and effective way to bring at least one other woman on the journey to achieve her true potential.  But walking alongside that woman gives her palpable inspiration and courage.  Sponsoring her to work her way through the maze of societal norms and expectations gives her a much needed headstart and helps her find her place in the world.  That is why I am supporting as an Ambassador.”

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RabiaRabia Siddique

Rabia is a criminal and human rights lawyer, a retired British Army officer, a former terrorism and war crimes prosecutor, a professional speaker, published author and mother.

“I am delighted and honoured to be an Ambassador for 100 Women.  To have the opportunity to play my part in inspiring and empowering girls and women to be the best version of themselves and realise their dreams is a joy.  We all have a responsibility to live equality, lead by example and be the change we want in this world”.

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Tenille Bentley

Tenille Bentley 2.png

Tenille is an international transformational speaker and author, travelling the world stages pursuing her journey to be of service to the human family. She is a highly sought after speaker, global online broadcaster with her online channel Digital Consciousness TV, Consciousness Coach, Contemporary Thought Leader, Board Director & Business Leader.

Tenille has been recognised by the Australian Prime Minister with The Australian Leadership Award presented to only 20 people in Australia, for her work in Digital Media and Philanthropy, she also was awarded the Australian Financial Review Top 100 Australia’s Women of Influence and State Finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year and inducted into the Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame by The Governor and a state finalist for the Australian Institute of Management.

I honour the women who continue to bring together communities of other women like the ancestry roots of women gathering to ensure the survival of community, we now do that in the modern world through organisations like 100 Women that are coming together to bring about positive change in our communities creating a ubiquitous motion of meaning, wisdom, sharing and contributing to the sustainability of our human family.”

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Fadzi Whande

Fadzi Whande is a dynamic and engaging award winning international speaker, author, social justice advocate and the Human Rights Chairperson for the United Nations Association of Western Australia.