Financial Toolbox for Women

Project: Your Toolkit National Expansion Project

Location: Australia wide

Duration: 1 year

Requested Amount: $40,000 from a total project cost of $70,700. This grant will be used to fund research, content development and website expansion project management.



This project will expand Your Toolkit – a free, web-based resource for women in Western Australia who have experienced domestic and family violence, plus support workers and industry professionals – into a national platform providing information and resources for women across Australia.


Who is the organisation and what is their mission?

The Financial Toolbox Women at Risk Trust (the Trust) was established in August 2019 for the purpose of providing financial knowledge and skills to women to give them independence and freedom of choice throughout their lives.

It is estimated that in Australia, financial abuse is experienced by up to 90% of women seeking support for family and domestic violence (FDV). A lack of economic security and financial resources are the primary reason women return to abusive relationships. The Trust team spent two years researching and consulting with women with lived experience and the FDV sector to create a resource specific to women facing domestic and family violence; Your Toolkit is the result of that research. It covers a broad base of information including personal and technology safety, emergency assistance, details of various supports and services and information about money and personal finances.


What is the project that the 100 Women grant will support?

Your Toolkit is about to commence a significant refresh based on user experiences. 100 Women funds would contribute specifically to the expansion of content within the site to take Your Toolkit from being a Western Australian resource, to providing information and links relevant to women from across Australia.

While developed as a local resource, the toolkit has had high usage from across Australia, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The toolkit currently contains some information specific to WA, some information specific to Australia, and some information that is general in nature. After the expansion, specific information will be available for each jurisdiction covering local on the ground services (crisis supports, accommodation, women’s refuges, legal aid, health services, police support) and matters governed by local laws such as violence restraining orders, the family court and tenancy legislation.


Who is the project for? Who else will benefit?

This project can benefit the estimated 2.6 million women across Australia facing family and domestic violence, including financial abuse, as well as those seeking to support them. One in every four women aged over 15 in Australia faces family and domestic violence, regardless of age, socioeconomic and demographic group.


Why is the project needed – what is the need or opportunity that is being addressed?

Your Toolkit serves an important, previously unmet need for an extremely comprehensive, free and easily accessible information resource for women facing family and domestic violence, at all stages of their journey. It was built on the back of extensive stakeholder consultation.

Utilisation of the site by women across Australia, as well as government and industry stakeholders, has led to the expansion project to include locally specific information for all Australian states and territories to meet the nationwide need for this very unique resource.


Why is the solution the best answer to the identified need or opportunity?

Currently there is no other resource like Your Toolkit available in Australia. In highly difficult and stressful times it provides women with a ‘roadmap’ when the way ahead isn’t clear. It is an easy to use, step-by-step guide across four key stages to help women prepare, act in an emergency, rebuild their lives and flourish into financial independence. Your Toolkit provides women with independent resources. Specifically, its financial resources are independent of any organisation selling financial products, such as a bank.


What are the planned outcomes as a result of the project?

The intended outcome of this project is a fit-for-purpose resource for women across Australia facing financial abuse and/or family and domestic violence, providing support as they make the transition to become independent, empowered and financially resilient.

Specific indicators to help measure success will include number of users and page views, FDV industry support and engagement, engagement with women with lived experience, website surveys, social media analytics and content integrity reviews.


Are there any notable partners or collaborators?

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand ensure the financial education offered on the site is backed by professional financial expertise. Additionally, Your Toolkit has significant endorsement from the FDV industry and State and national industry bodies such as 1800 Respect, Legal Aid, ASIC and Lifeline.



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